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Riders Throwdown

It is well known by all that the Canary Islands has one of the most privileged climates of the entire globe, therefore, for its beaches and the magical corners that each of its islands hides, it is one of the main tourist destinations in Europe. What not everyone knows is that in the same way the archipelago has an idyllic setting for sports.

World, European and Spanish Championships of different disciplines are disputed between the different islands, as well as hundreds of elite athletes decide to carry out their pre-season preparation on our islands, because of the almost permanent 21 degrees of average temperature, making the Canary Islands a paradise for sportsmen. Training 365 days a year without hardly any adverse weather conditions is hard to find.

So because of its climate, its landscapes, its magic and because the CrossFit community is in full growth, the European Caribbean, as many people call it, is a perfect place to test the best athletes of the continent.

The next 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th & 17th of November 2019 in the municipality of Mogan, the Riders Throwdown 2019 will take place. The great success of the previous years allows us to think big, so this year there will be big changes.

To be able to reach this final event the fittest boys and girls of Europe will have to participate in a qualifying period of 3 weeks (between May 5th and 26th). The winners of the online qualifiers will be awarded with 1000 € for the male winner of the qualifier (all the categories – one winner) and another 1000 € for the winner of the female online qualifier (all the categories – one winner).

In addition Riders Throwdown 2019 will have a new categories, teams of 4 (MMFF) and will continue with the categories of MASTERS (35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-55 / 60+) that so much success has had in previous editions. The competition will have a total of 9 categories (all of them male and female); RX, TEAM 3 (same sex), TEAM 4 (MMFF), MASTERS (35-39 / 40-44 / 45-49 / 50-55 / 60+) and there will be prizes both in cash and in the form of sports equipment.

We already have the confirmation of Regionals and Games athletes who will have to face tests of the highest level in a location designed for the development of tests of any kind (anything can happen).

Registration is now open and you can find more information on the event website

We will be announcing many more surprises and news on our Facebook page, Instagram and website, so STAY TUNED ……


1 - Introduction

The 2019 Riders Throwdown  will be a competition with the aim of promoting the knowledge of our discipline, based on functional movements in constant variation and executed at high intensity.

            We want to summon the best boxes and sports centers where CrossFit and functional training at high intensity is being developed so that they can be measured in a unique competition for their environment and content.

2 - Organization

The organization of the event is carried by CrossFit Riders, sponsored by different sports companies.

3 - Phases, Dates and Place

The championship will take place in different points of the southern area of GRAN CANARIA.

Tuesday November 12 all categories will be competing

Wednesday November 13 only individual athletes compete

Thursday November 14 teams compete

Friday 15 November individual athletes compete

Saturday 16 November teams competes 

Sunday 17 November GRAND FINAL (The 10 best in each category).

The organization has opted for this competition format so that athletes and companions can enjoy our island.

4 - Participation

The boxes and sports centers that wish may participate in this competition, in any of its categories as long as their components are over 18 years old.

To access the competition it will be necessary for the athlete to qualify in the online pre-qualifying phase (3 qualifying work outs), which will start on May 5th and end on May 26th (the cost will be: online qualifying phase 

19.21 € individual

52.82 €  in a team of 3 and

69.62 €  teams of 4

November final-phase 

39.17€ individuals

117.51 € teams of  3

156.68 € in teams of 4

5 - Competition format

The organization will publish on the web and social networks, the qualifying work outs in which all the physical abilities of the athletes will be evaluated for the 12th-16th of November.

The Grand Finals will be announced on November 17th.

            The top qualified athletes will qualify for the Gran Final. The Grand Final will be published on social networks the same day of the event, so this will be a SURPRISE!

  • RX: Prepare for the unkown and the unknowable.
  • TEAM: All the movements of weightlifting and all the gymnastic movements, the loads and difficulty will increase as the phases of the competition progress.
  • MASTERS: All the movements of weightlifting, moderate loading according to the ages and the gymnastic movements will increase in its difficulty as the phases of the competition advances.
6 - Registration

Entries to participate in the online qualifiers will be

19.21€ for individuals

52.82 € for teams of 3

69.62 € for teams of 4

and will be made through the official website of the event (we use Wodcast for the leaderboards and for registration)

7 - Trophies

Prizes will be awarded to the first 3 classified in each category.

The amount of these prizes will be published at the moment that the inscriptions of the November finals are closed.

There will also be sports material for the winners and surprise prizes during the competition.

8 - Control

The competition will be technically controlled by judges appointed by the organization.

The results will be published during and at the end of the competition.

9 - Athlete registration and acceptance signatures of the bases

November 12th, place and time will TBA on our social networks at a later stage.

10 - Complaints

Complains related to results or issues that arises during the development of the competition must be submitted without delay, no later than the start of the next round of the competition.

All complains must be made verbally in the first instance to the judge.

The judge together with the Head-Judge and the Technical Director, will make a decision on the complain.

11 - Collaborations and sponsorships

Those who want to participate in the event will contact the organization through email:

12 - The Organization

The organization deserves the right of interpretation and modification of the articles, being able to establish new norms or suppress the ones that is considerd opportune to improve the development of the competition.

In case of doubt, the criteria of the organization will prevail.

13 - Responsibility

The Organization declines all responsibility with respect to corporal and psychological accidents, immediate or future, that can happen to the participants and companions, as a consequence of their inadequate participation in this test.

14 - About competitors

All athletes commit to compete in a sporting manner.

Unsportsmanlike conduct and reason for disqualification of the competition will be such actions as discussing or improperly addressing any representative, sponsor, judge, volunteer or athlete of the event.

All participants, by registrating for this competition is accepting the rules and regulations of this competition.